Our commitment to your peace of mind

For summer 2020, we are committed to making your holiday a time of peace and tranquillity by taking specific measures for your safety.

Booking and cancellation conditions

We have introduced more flexible cancellation conditions to meet your needs: For bookings confirmed by half deposit and subsequently cancelled for reasons related to the Covid-19 emergency, you may request a voucher for the amount of the deposit to be used within 12 months of the cancellation date.

Reception and check-in

  • Possibility of carrying out check-in online, leaving only the collection of documents and their subsequent registration to be done on arrival.
  • The room key will be left with the Guest for the duration of the stay.
  • The keys will be sanitised at each change of Guest.

Cleaning and sanitising spaces

  • Every day we sanitise the common areas and rooms with professional antiviral products.
  • We provide constant ventilation in all areas of the property.
  • We provide hand sanitisers at different points in the hotel.
  • We use Personal Protective Equipment such as disposable gloves and masks for cleaning of rooms.

Breakfast service

  • We sanitise the kitchen spaces on a daily basis.
  • In the Breakfast area, exposed food is adequately protected.
  • Our Staff use gloves and masks when processing food.
  • Breakfast will be served at the table by our Staff.
  • Access to the breakfast room will be controlled with time slots for access.

The security measures that have been adopted will be continuously updated according to the guidelines provided by the WHO, the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (National Institute of Health) and/or regional or national government regulations.

(Ref. Order of the President of the Province of Trento)
Last updated 4 July 2020